It seems that millions of people search the Internet daily, looking for a job, information or a place to live. Social media has become the number one marketing tool for businesses across the globe, including the real estate market. Landlords are using social media networking sites to attract desirable tenants.

Prospective landlords like yourself can benefit greatly from online social media networking when you post rental properties on social media sites.

More and more businesses realize the importance of staying in the “groove” and keeping up with the changing times. Nearly every aspect of business is conducted online.

Background Checks Made Easy

Performing background checks on prospective tenants is a job that some companies do instantly for you. Submit tenants’ completed applications to the company of your choice and allow them to perform several types of background checks. The tenant screening process includes employment or income verification, credit report history, even his background as an employee. If any of these areas signals a red flag, you will know immediately.

Since all business transactions are conducted online, you have no need to meet with tenants in person, except to show the property. However, with social media being the ultimate marketing tool, it is possible for you to showcase a property online, using one or more popular programs. In fact, everything can be done online.

Potential tenants can complete their rental application, set up a viewing time, submit deposit and rental payment once a mutual decision with the you is made, then schedule a move-in date from the comfort of their home, office or hotel room. Less hassles for both parties.

Social media networking makes renting houses easy for busy landlords. Once the applications are completed, they are forwarded to a background check company for verification. The completed report and result of a check done on an applicant will be sent to you for a final decision. You will be able to choose the best tenants you want based on the findings of the background check company.


Popular social media sites contain ads from various businesses looking to do business. It is a place where people connect with businesses, and businesses find customers. Social media sites are also places where you can solicit the best renters, and the best renters respond.

Renting property in the 21st century is easier now than it was 20 years ago. No one has to come in to the office, complete a pile of paperwork, and drive 10 miles to look at a house or an apartment. Everything from start to finish is completed online, thanks to you, the social media-savvy landlord.