There is more to “trust” than most people think. Trust can literally make or break relationships, whether they’re on a personal or a professional level. When a lot is riding on a decision that you need to make, you can’t go headlong with a hunch and hope that everything will turn out fine. Let’s be honest with ourselves, nowadays, finding the right people, whom we can fully trust, is extremely difficult. That is why landlords and employers need to be extra careful when choosing tenants and employees — i.e. they need to keep an eye out for issues such as history of evictions, existing criminal records etc. How do you get hold of this information? Perform background checks online today!

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Applicant experience is just as important It is also important to enhance the tenant or employee experience. If your provider has developed a poor screening process for you, you may not be able to attract good, new tenants or employees. In addition, your reputation could be destroyed, or worse, you could face a lawsuit if your background check is not legally compliant. Yes, you do a background check for tenants in order to find trustworthy people, but expect to be judged by potential tenants and employees too. Therefore, you need a screening process that doesn’t only determine the applicant’s true identity, but also won’t drive people away.

Social media as a source of information

A good background screening company doesn’t just stop at using traditional methods of gathering information; it continuously finds creative new ways, such as social media checks, to improve its screening process. Some believe that the use of social media to screen applicants can be risky business for tenants and employers, because it can lead to discrimination, privacy, bias, or legal issues. That is why you need an instant background check company to guide you through the process, especially on the legalities of using the information gathered from social media platforms.

Re-screening makes a world of difference

Being vigilant on who you let in is one thing, but being vigilant on identifying insider threats is a completely different thing. Apart from employee screening and tenant screening, re-screening must be conducted too — as it can make as big of a difference. You might also consider running a criminal background check for employment before you make the decision to hire or promote. Just because everything checked out on the day you rented out your apartment or hired a new employee, it doesn’t mean that nothing will happen from that point forward. Insider threats are a huge concern and they can be anyone, from your employee or tenant, to your plumber, babysitter, and even your former-lover. Insider threats do not look like the bad guy you see in the movies, they look like you and me; very ordinary, but are capable of embezzlement, theft, fraud, sexual harassment, rape and so on.

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Lack of judgement caused by not taking protective measures could lead to disastrous consequences for your business, even spell tragedy for you or your family. Of course, you have background checks for that — to protect yourself, your business or your property — but it’s not just about you. As a landlord or employer, you need to ensure that your screening process is clear and complies with the state and federal laws; that the candidates are informed and educated on the entire process; and that no rights are being violated.

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