If you are getting ready to screen a potential tenant or employee, these are the things that you need to collect.
1. It is best to first get a copy of the applicant’s picture ID. That way you know that what they filled out on their application is correct.
2. Have each individual applicant fill out a separate application. Applications are free on our website, under the forms tab.You are going to need the applicant’s name, address, social security number, date of birth, and possibly their email address.*
* If you are an individual landlord running a credit report on a potential tenant you will need each applicant’s email address so that the credit bureau can email them for approval to run their credit.
3. Most people think background checks are run off of the drivers license number, but they are not. Drivers license numbers are only used if you want to run a driving record.
4. Also, make sure they sign all applications and agreements! Agreements are null and void if they are not signed. So before the applicant leaves your office, make sure everything is signed and legible so that you are protected.