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As a landlord or employer, you know why you want to run a background check, and you know what you want from a background check. We are the longest standing screening company for landlords and employers. Our company has been in business since 1982! We are also America‘s largest source of Instant background checks. We perform instant searches using millions of records collected in more than 8,000 databases (including known terrorists and sex offenders) nationwide.

Here is brief list of what sets apart:

  • We are experienced and we know our screening process inside out;
  • We are available to answer questions that landlords or employers might have with the screening process;
  • We do not charge signup, monthly, or annual fees;
  • We provide pay-as-you-go pricing with no contracts or commitments;
  • We provide full credit reports with credit scores;
  • Our criminal record checks are comprehensive, and they include the sex offender registry;
  • All of our records are updated regularly.

In addition we have a No Hassle approval process. To get registered with only takes a few minutes. And after approval you can immediately start screening applicants. Screening includes free download of forms for applicants to sign. So qualified users can get instant results and credit reports 24 hours per day, 7 days per week—hassle free!

We serve landlords with as few as 1 rental property. We offer landlords the following services:

  • A credit check with credit scores
  • Instant access to state and nationwide criminal records (including sex offenders)
  • Instant access to eviction records

We offer employers the following services:

  • Instant access to state and nationwide criminal records (including sex offenders)
  • Social security number verification
  • driving records
  • Credit reports (with onsite inspection)

Our employee background check, tenant screening services and credit report services are state of the art. Our records are updated on a regular basis, and our services are affordably priced. You pay per report. Employee and tenant criminal checks can be performed by county, state, region, or even nationwide, providing you with the most complete and accurate results possible.

Thank you for visiting, a division of Tenant Screening Services, serving Landlords and Employers since 1982!