Sex Offender Registry Search


Use sex offender registry search data to reduce your risk of crime.

The sex offender registry search, included with all multi-state criminal background checks, informs you if an applicant is a registered sex offender. The easy-to-read report provides case information and conviction details pulled from registered sex offender data sources in all 50 states plus Washington, D.C., Guam and Puerto Rico. These sources include the Departments of Public Safety, State Police, Bureaus of Investigation and other law enforcement agencies.

A tenant screening background check that includes this information is an important step in safeguarding a community of renters, and the surrounding homes and schools. Sex offenders are required in most cases to self-report to neighbors, but that shouldn’t be a chance you rely on as a landlord.

We offer the following searches under Criminal Search:


National Sex Offender Registry


Statewide Sex Offender Registry

Whether you require a criminal background check for employment, or as a potential tenant, has a variety of packages that include this important service. Don’t take chances relying on your first impressions. Verify and keep your community safe.