A housekeeper is an essential asset to any home these days, especially for working parents with children. It could be because you hate housekeeping, are busy or simply need a housekeeper for a dinner party. Whatever the reason, it is important to pick the right housekeeper to avoid letting a criminal or sociopath into your home.

One of the ways in which a housekeeper can be found is through a referral service. A team of professional and dedicated individuals is required to assist you in your search for the perfect housekeeper. One way to get a good housekeeper is to get referral from a hotel. The hotel industry relies on housekeeping to run its operations. Those toilets and bedding do not clean themselves. Going to a good hotel that you trust can be a great way to get reliable and trustworthy housekeeping help. If you do not know anyone in the hospitality industry, have no fear. A referral service exists for the sole purpose of ensuring your needs are met with your perfect match. It is wise to choose a company that has been recommended by a close friend or family member. Choosing a company that is well-known is also a good way to find a good housekeeper. A good referral service will find the right match for its variety of clients. Therefore, it has a variety of housekeepers to suit the needs of its broad clientele.

Once you have found the right housekeeping service, it is important to ensure that a proper background check has been done. You may ask the referral company to give you details on its background check process.  However, such companies do not specialize in criminal background screening. This is where a criminal background check company comes in. It is becoming increasingly popular for employers to hire third-party consultants for this specific purpose. Background checks may look for several things including sexual and driving offenses, drug test results, income history, bankruptcies and education. Terrorist watch lists may also be consulted to confirm your employee is not a terrorist. While this may be on the extreme side, it is important to ensure that the people who work for you are not potentially harmful.

Checking basic documents yourself such as potential housekeeper’s resume and their references is crucial. Asking for references is important. These references should then be contacted to verify the potential employee’s details. One of the places where you can get information on your candidates is the Department of Health and Human Services. If you have children, you will want to check with Child Protective Services for the states where the candidate has worked and lived. A drug test may also be requested by the employer. Current and prior drug abuse records are important.

Criminal Housekeeping Cases

A housekeeper in Middlesex pleaded guilty of stealing $229,000 from her senior employer. She was taking checks and forging names on them before cashing them in. The housekeeper was sentenced to three years in prison. Prior to her latest employment, she had attempted to forge a check from her employer. She was however found out and laid off. The case was never reported.  A proper background check of her former employers would have revealed this information about said Middlesex housekeeper. In another case, a Long Island housekeeper kidnapped a baby from an employer who had fired her. She claimed that the family had 13 children. Such cases reveal the importance of selecting the right housekeeper to take care of your family. Background checks are absolutely necessary to avoid employing criminals who will endanger your family.

The last thing you want is to let such housekeepers into your home. Protect yourself and your children from these people and seek the help of InstantBackgroundChecks — the country’s leading source for background screening on the Internet today. Run a criminal check on your potential housekeeper now and stay safe forever!