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For 35 years, Tenant Screening Services, LLC has been America’s premiere source of instant background checks on the Internet. Our four divisions —,,, & — allow us to provide all the information you need to protect yourself, your family, your business and your property. Instead of relying on hunches, a background check helps you make more informed decisions about who you hire or rent to.
We are proud to offer you a long list of services, including: tenant screening, instant employment background check, criminal record search, sex offender search, credit checks and many more. Our comprehensive and state-of-the-art data is delivered to you instantly (in a matter of seconds), and inexpensively (no fees; pay per report). We make it easy to screen, so you can make an informed decision fast — and when it matters most! CALL 800-252-8297 TODAY for a quick and hassle-free service!


Question: Do I need the applicants signature?
Answer: No we will send them a email to verify their identity.

Question: Can you do a background check from someone coming from another country? Answer: Yes we have a sister website that you can order a criminal background check from any country in the world. Just register at it will tell you prices and turnaround time when you order the report.

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