You got some great news today. You have earned a promotion. But there is some bad news, and that is you have to relocate to another part of the country. That means you have to look for a new place to live in. Unfortunately, your current property owner does not like you very much. Can he tell any potential property owners negative things about you?

The question that you should ask yourself: Have I been honest to my future landlord? Have you disclosed all of the information that your previous manager may say about you?

You should be able to be truthful about your relationship with the current manager, as long as you speak in positive terms about that person. It would be easier to explain that though the two of you have had personality conflicts, you have been able to keep the relationship professional. Giving your future landlord the truth will put you on a better level and gain the trust of the person who will, potentially, be the next in charge of your lease.

Do know that your current landlord can say whatever he wants to about you within ethical limits. He can tell your future manager that you were late with rent payments if it’s true, even disclose all the complaints against you. What he cannot do is to make stuff up. He must not make up information about you that should result to you getting turned down for a new home. You have the right to ask why you got turned down and if it was due to false information he shared, you also have every right to sue the landlord for it.

There are landlords who may affect your new application to get money or out of grudge so they create various stories such as you leaving your apartment a mess. In this case, you can bring the case go to court. That landlord will then have to prove his accusations, that you indeed left your apartment a mess, or you owe money you know nothing about. You can take him to court. If you do not owe the money then you have nothing to lose; if he is right, then it is up to him to prove it.

Leasers can give information out to your prospective leasers but must be truthful with that information. It would be easier for you as well to tell the truth to other landlords so that there will be no surprises and you may be considered more trustworthy.

Do this with a clear conscience and when you are done, then you can move on and move into your new home and relax.